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Prior to the launch of SSA’s new website, which posts press releases as searchable blog posts, SSA posted PDFs of all press releases. The information has been archived here for your reference.  More recent news and updates can be found under “Latest News.”


5/15/10 – EPA Approves Undersea Dispersants, Ignores U.S. Fisheries Concerns
Read the full letter to NOAA and EPA about concern
5/10/10 – Shrimpers Welcome Testing of Water Column During Oil Spill
Read the full letter to NOAA and EPA about concern
5/5/10 – Long-term Effects of Dispersants Cause Concern for Shrimpers
Read the full letter to NOAA and EPA about concern
4/29/10 – U.S. Shrimpers Assist in Oil Spill Clean-Up
4/27/10 – SSA Reacts to Oil Spill
4/2/10 – SSA Condemns Mislabeling on U.S. Shrimp Packages


4/2/09 – CBP Removes Enhanced Bonding Requirements on Shrimp Imports
3/24/09 – GAO Study Links Duty Circumvention with Evasion of Food Safety Laws


11/18/08 – SSA sends a letter to USTR requesting it address the continuing violations of our nation’s food safety and fair trade laws during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 20th Ministerial Meeting
11/18/08 – Customs Cracks Down on Illegally Labeled Chinese Shrimp Imports SSA Grateful for Strong Enforcement of Trade and Food Safety Laws
11/15/08 – Southern Shrimp Alliance Sues U.S. Customs and Border Protection;     CDSOA Distributions Temporarily Delayed
9/9/08 – SSA sends a letter to USTR requesting an opportunity for CBP to consider all possible means to prevent undercollection of duties in light of foreign pressure to expedite implementation of WTO rulings.
8/11/08 – SSA thanks Senator Vitter (LA) for his determination to ensure that U.S. trade laws are defended and antidumping duties on imported shrimp are vigorously enforced in his August 8, 2008 letter to Department of Commerce Secretary Gutierrez and Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Basham.
7/23/08 – WTO Rules that US Cannot Take Effective Steps to Collect Antidumping Duties
4/15/08 – Shrimpers Decry the Administration’s Reluctance to Aggressively Defend U.S. Trade Laws
3/14/08 – SSA Urges USTR to Appeal WTO Rulings
Copy of letter to USTR
Chart on duty collections
2/26/08 – Testimony to Congress Denounces FDA Reliance on Self-Policing Instead of Testing


10/16/07 – FDA Failing to Check Safety of Imported Foods – SSA Proposes Reforms
10/5/07 – SSA: Customs Can Help FDA Improve Food Safety
10/3/07 – SSA Recommends Changes to Strengthen FDA
9/10/07 – Review of Antidumping Duties Offers Mixed Results

8/28/07 – SSA Denounces Unwarranted Removal of Ecuadorian Shrimp Duties
8/2/07 – Shrimp Industry Welcomes Congressional Attention to Seafood Safety
7/30/07 – SSA re: DOC Recommendation to Remove Ecuadorian Shrimp Duties

SSA Announces New Commitments and Issues Challenges
/14/07 SSA Files Defamation Lawsuit Against LSA and Its Officers
6/7/07 Inconsistency on Zeroing Could Harm Shrimp Industry
6/4/07 SSA Efforts Lead to Better Enforcement of U.S. Trade Laws
5/30/07 Senators Urge Full Enforcement of U.S. Laws in Shrimp AD Cases
4/30/07 SSA Applauds Alabama Ban of Chinese Catfish, Calls for Increased Testing of Imported Seafood Nationwide
4/24/07 Shrimp Industry Poised to Lose Millions of Dollars in Relief
3/23/07 SSA Welcomes Preliminary Results of First Administrative Review, Proceeds with Second Administrative Review
1/31/07 Dusted Shrimp Update



12/7/06 U.S. Senators Support Investigation of Excessive or Fraudulent Byrd Distributions
12/6/06 Customs to Investigate Excessive or Fraudulent Byrd Distributions
11/30/06 SSA Efforts Result in Distribution of Over $100 Million to U.S. Shrimp Industry
11/6/06 Statement on Sustainability and U.S. Wild-Caught Shrimp
6/1/06 Shrimp Industry Meets Bycatch Reduction Goals 2 Years Early 2006 Administrative Review Settlement Letters of Understanding
5/16/06 Southern Shrimp Alliance Agrees to End a Review of CP Foods’ Shrimp Antidumping Duties (Joint Statement)
5/11/06Southern Shrimp Alliance Agrees to End a Review of Empagran’s Shrimp Antidumping Duties (Joint Statement)
5/3/06 Comments on the American Fisheries Management and Marine Life  Enhancement Act and  the Fisheries Science and Management Enhancement Act of 2005 (Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Resources)
4/7/06 Shrimpers Welcome Hurricane Relief Package
3/16/06 Gulf Council Meeting Advisory


11/2/05 ITC: Dumping from Thailand and India Still Injure U.S. Shrimp Industry
4/25/05 U.S. Shrimp Industry Disappointed by ITC Decision to Review Antidumping Orders
1/6/05 U.S. Shrimp Industry Wins Final Antidumping Cases Against Six Countries


12/20/04 Four More Countries Found Dumping Shrimp : Duties Imposed to Offset Cheating
12/15/04 U.S. Antidumping Calculations Are Logical and Legal
12/13/04 U.S. Shrimpers Note Legal Error in Shrimp Dumping Case
12/1/04 Dumped Shrimp Harms Most Valuable U.S. Fishery
11/30/04 Shrimpers Hail Finding of Dumped Shrimp from China and Vietnam
11/4/04 Letter to Secretary Evans regarding Thailand’s Illegal Threats
07/01/04 Corporations Make Jumbo Profits from Shrimp Analysis of Corporate Mark-Up
06/25/04 Shrimp Importers Studies Discredited
06/23/04 Consumers Eating and Paying More for Shrimp
06/21/04 Voluntary Food Labeling is Not COOL
05/14/04 SSA Comments on Extension of Preliminary Determination
05/14/04 Shrimpers Welcome Support from LA Governor
05/13/04 SSA Responds to Political Pressure against Shrimp Petitions
04/01/04 Shrimpers Respond to CITAC Press Conference
02/17/04 ITC: U.S. Shrimp Industry Injured by Unfair Trade
01/21/04 Commerce Launches Shrimp Investigations, Commission Holds Conference
01/07/04 SSA Responds to Criticisms of Trade Action


12/31/03 U.S. Shrimp Industry Demands Relief from Unfairly Traded Imports * Filing Fact Sheet
12/18/03 U.S. & Mexican Shrimp Industries Oppose Unfair Trade of Shrimp

The public documents for this case can be downloaded from through a public search on EDIS II.  For your convenience, the original petitions filed on December 31, 2003 can be downloaded from here as well.   Ad Hoc Shrimp Trade Action Committee General Petition.