Continued Seismograth Activity

Below are the coordinates for the area (“box”) that FairfieldNodal is currently engaged in seismographic activity.  They estimate these coordinates will continue to be worked until approximately February 5th, and will forward another update at that time. FairfieldNodal also communicated that should a vessel happen to get into their gear, it can contact any of their vessels for assistance.

The vessels on this project are the Pacer C, European Supporter, Fairfield New Venture, the Wallace Glenn and the two trawlers: Reva Rose and Lady Paige.


Box Corner




029°22.8 N 088°49.5 W


029°13.9 N 088°49.5 W


029°22.8 N 088°43.2 W


029°13.9 N 088°43.2 W



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