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This is a notification for a Drill Conductors Safety Course to be held in Panama City, FL.  This course will fulfill the U.S. Coast Guard requirement; 46 CFR 28.270 – Instruction, Drills, and Safety Orientation for documented vessels operating beyond the boundary line (12nm on the Gulf of Mexico).

§ 28.270Instruction, drills, and safety orientation.

(a)Drills and instruction. The master or individual in charge of each vessel must ensure that drills are conducted and instruction is given to each individual on board at least once each month. Instruction may be provided in conjunction with drills or at other times and places provided it ensures that each individual is familiar with their duties and their responses to at least the following contingencies:

(1) Abandoning the vessel;

(2) Fighting a fire in different locations on board the vessel;

(3) Recovering an individual from the water;

(4) Minimizing the effects of unintentional flooding;

(5) Launching survival craft and recovering lifeboats and rescue boats;

(6) Donning immersion suits and other wearable personal flotation devices;

(7) Donning a fireman’s outfit and a self-contained breathing apparatus, if the vessel is so equipped;

(8) Making a voice radio distress call and using visual distress signals;

(9) Activating the general alarm; and

(10) Reporting inoperative alarm systems and fire detection systems.

(b)Participation in drills. Drills must be conducted on board the vessel as if there were an actual emergency and must include participation by all individuals on board, breaking out and using emergency equipment, testing of all alarm and detection systems, donning protective clothing, and donning immersion suits, if the vessel is so equipped.

(c)Training. No individual may conduct the drills or provide the instructions required by this section unless that individual has been trained in the proper procedures for conducting the activity.


However, remember that in 2010 the Coast Guard was charged by Congress to implement a change that would require the CAPTAINS of all commercial fishing vessels federally documented and state registered that are operating beyond 3nm of the coast to be certified to meet this requirement.  Now this HAS NOT been put into regulations as of yet.  But this class may be a chance to become or have a long standing captain certified.  More information on this change and others that are pending from the “CG Auth. Act of 2010” and “CG and Maritime Trans. Act of 2012” can be found at


Panama City, FL – FV Drill Conductor Workshop

Wed, September 16, 8am – 7pm

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Panama City, FL


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AMSEA is conducting a one day Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor workshop in Panama City, FL on September 16, 2015. This course meets the US Coast Guard training requirements for drill conductor on commercial fishing vessels. Instructor, Bruce Dyleski, will cover these topics: * Cold water survival skills * EPIRBs, flares, and maydays * Man overboard recovery * Fire fighting * Immersion suits and PFDs * Emergency drills * Helicopter rescue * Life rafts * Abandon ship procedures The workshop is offered to commercial fishermen at a reduced cost of $50 thanks to support from NIOSH. The cost for all others is $175 and all mariners are welcome. The location will be announced. Register online or call (907) 747-3287.


If you have any questions, please fill free to contact.



Mr. Al Waterford, USCG (ret.)

Program Manager, Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety

Fishing and Passenger Vessel Examiner

United States Coast Guard

Sector St. Petersburg

Preventions Department

155 Columbia Dr.

Tampa, FL 33606

Tel #: (813) 228-2196, ext. #8136

Fax #: (813) 228-2399

For More Info Go To: | Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety

Commercial Fishing Vessel Checklist Generator

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