August 18, 2015 Updated CFVS Mandatory Exam Letter to Fishing Industry Vessel Owners and Operators

In accordance with the Congressional Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010 and the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2012, mandatory Dockside Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety (CFVS) Exams are starting October 15, 2015 and will need to be renewed once every 5 years.  Also, survival crafts that ensure no part of an individual is immersed in water will be required starting February 26, 2016.  Details may be found at or website


For any question please feel free to contact your local CFVS Examiner.



Mr. Al Waterford, USCG (ret.)

Program Manager, Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety

Fishing and Passenger Vessel Examiner

United States Coast Guard

Sector St. Petersburg

Preventions Department

155 Columbia Dr.

Tampa, FL 33606

Tel #: (813) 228-2196, ext. #8136

Fax #: (813) 228-2399

For More Info Go To: | Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety

Commercial Fishing Vessel Checklist Generator


“As a maritime regulator, it is imperative we engage and keep pace with industry.  The Coast Guard will facilitate commerce – we will not impede it.”  – Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, Commandant


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