Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Changes

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I just received a notice from Head Quarters on some of the pending changes that were passed into law by Congress for the Coast Guard.  These changes were made in the U.S. COAST GUARD AUTHORIZATION ACT of 2010 and then Amended in the USCG & MARITIME TRANSPORTATION ACT of 2012.  This notice will address the portions of all that have come into effect and or will shortly.  The majority of you; if not all have heard about this from me over the last couple of years and this will not be a surprise.  However I am asking you to please pass this along to your fellow fishermen by way of Associations, Fish Houses and word of mouth for those that haven’t.  For the non-fishermen here, you may use other information aids at your disposal.  For all you may find this and other information at


My goal is to start a moderate flow of those seeking to meet to Dockside Examination dated and not have a mass waiting until the deadline.  Also to address questions of any other part of the notice that you may need answered.



Best Regards and Happy Holidays,


Mr. Al Waterford, USCG (ret.)

Program Manager, Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety

Fishing and Passenger Vessel Examiner

United States Coast Guard

Sector St. Petersburg

Preventions Department

155 Columbia Dr.

Tampa, FL 33606

Tel #: (813) 228-2196, ext. #8136

Fax #: (813) 228-2050

For More Info Go To: | Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety

Commercial Fishing Vessel Checklist Generator



Link to view the New Requirements for Commercial Fishing Vessels:

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