Important Information Regarding GCCF Claims

As reported last week, the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (“GCCF” or “Facility”) has revised its final payment methodology for claimants in the shrimp and crab industries.  A summary of these changes and a link to the GCCF web site can be found at our website,

Since last week’s announcement, we have received considerable feedback on the GCCF’s revision.  In result, SSA staff has been in direct contact with GCCF Administrator Ken Feinberg to communicate the concerns of membership.  Most importantly, SSA has strongly encouraged the GCCF to allow shrimp industry claimants who have already accepted final payments to have their claims reopened so that final payment offers can be recalculated under the new, more generous methodology (currently, such claims cannot be reopened).  Mr. Feinberg indicated that the GCCF is currently considering the recommendation.  SSA will continue to press the case for equitable treatment across the industry.

In addition, SSA has received guidance from the GCCF about what claimants should do if they are currently holding, and have not yet accepted, final payment offers from the GCCF and would like to have those offers recalculated under the new methodology.

In such cases, claimants should directly contact the GCCF to notify the Facility that they want to have their claims redetermined under the new methodology.  The GCCF needs to hear directly from these claimants.

SSA continues to maintain communications with senior officials at the GCCF, including those with oversight responsibility for shrimper claims.  As always, if you are having administrative problems with your claim and are not represented by an attorney with respect to such matters, feel free to contact SSA so that we can make an inquiry on your behalf.  If you are represented by an attorney, your attorney is also welcome to contact SSA with any questions or for clarification

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