SSA Letter to Ken Feinberg Regarding GCCF Modifications to Shrimp Industry Final Payment Methodology

On December 13, 2011 the Southern Shrimp Alliance sent a letter to GCCF Administrator Ken Feinberg, providing comments to his recent modifications to the final payment methodology for members of the shrimp and crab industries who have been harmed by the BP oil spill. SSA thanked him for increasing final payment amounts from two to four times demonstrated losses, and encouraged his continued efforts to weed out those claimants who are not legitimate members of the shrimp and crab industries. However, the Alliance criticized Mr. Feinberg’s decision to apply the recent methodology changes only to those claimants who have not yet accepted a final offer from the GCCF, and urged him to reconsider that decision so that all shrimp and crab industry claimants can benefit from the changes. SSA’s letter can be read in full by clicking the link below.

December 13,2011 Feinberg Letter

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