NOAA Fisheries’ Statistics Confirm Poor Harvest of Shrimp in November

Through November, NOAA Fisheries reports that 110.9 million pounds of shrimp have been landed in the Gulf of Mexico in 2011.  Compared with previous years, the 2011 harvest is roughly in line with the average annual Gulf shrimp harvests from 2005 to 2010 (114.9 million pounds):

Annual landings, however, mask poor harvest months that began in August of this year, culminating in landings figures reported for November that were far worse than anticipated.

Overall, the 8.5 million pounds of shrimp landed in the Gulf last month represented a decline of nearly a third from historical averages (12.6 million pounds):

The brunt of the decline was experienced in Louisiana, as the 3.8 million pounds of shrimp reported as landed in the state was nearly 40 percent off of historical averages for the month (6.4 million pounds):

A poor white shrimp season has had mixed impacts on prices within the industry.  Per NOAA’s most recent statistics, November dockside prices paid to fishermen in the Northern Gulf for four (15/20; 21/25; 36/40; and 41/50) of the seven count sizes tracked are below the same prices reported for November 2010.   On the other hand, Urner Barry reports that wholesale white shrimp prices for 26/30 and 31/35 count are at historical highs ($5.73 and $5.03, respectively) above any monthly price reported for these shrimp going back to 2003:

NOAA Fisheries’ “Monthly Gulf Coast Shrimp Statistics” may be reviewed on NOAA’s web-site here:

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