Louisiana Shrimpers Strike

Hundreds of shrimpers descended on the Louisiana state capitol in August to protest low shrimp prices.  The shrimpers asked government officials to investigate the causes of the weak U.S. shrimp market and to take action against any market distorting behavior.

SSA provided the Louisiana delegation with possible actions the government can take to protect the industry from documented market distortions, such as (1) the circumvention of current anti-dumping regulations; (2) lax enforcement of anti-dumping duties; and, (3) the illegal use of Food and Drug Administration-banned antibiotics and pesticides by foreign-shrimp producers.

SSA is working with Representative Melancon’s office to support the development of the announced Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on distortions in the U.S. shrimp market.  SSA has also provided background information on the problems to Governor Jindal’s and Senator Landrieu’s offices.  SSA’s activity builds upon previous meetings with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and existing work to address circumvention of the antidumping duties, mislabeling, transshipment, and food safety violations.

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