Providing Enforcement Solutions

EXPLORE FURTHER: Food Safety Legislation Economically-Motivated Adulteration Shrimp Fraud Investigations Foreign producers of pond-raised shrimp have powerful economic incentives to use banned substances, such as antibiotics and pesticides, to increase production yields in crowded shrimp ponds and to reduce the risk of total crop failure.  Use of these banned substances and various subsidies encourage overproduction […]

Food Safety Legislation

Making substantial improvements to the food safety requirements for imported food has been a high priority for the SSA for many years as a means to prevent the importation of farm-raised shrimp contaminated with illegal and dangerous antibiotics and pesticides, and the negative impacts of those illegal imports on the domestic shrimp producing industry. September 10, […]

Louisiana Shrimpers Strike

Hundreds of shrimpers descended on the Louisiana state capitol in August to protest low shrimp prices.  The shrimpers asked government officials to investigate the causes of the weak U.S. shrimp market and to take action against any market distorting behavior. SSA provided the Louisiana delegation with possible actions the government can take to protect the […]