Seismograph Coordinates

Attached are coordinates from the crew manager with FairfieldNodal, a seismographic project in process.  The Reva Rose is providing chase boat services for a specific area (aka “the box”) to make sure that no vessel gets inside the box and drags over the equipment that FairfieldNodal has on the bottom.  They are currently in an area where there are a good number of shrimpers trawling.  In an effort to work with our industry and provide better and open communication, they wanted to pass along the attached coordinates. Please see the attached coordinates. These coordinates are can also be found on the Southern Shrimp Alliance website at:

Survey Area

Box Corner




029°24.8 088°48.1


029°13.6 088°48.1


029°24.8 088°41.3


029°13.6 088°41.3


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