Seismograph Activity

The Southern Shrimp Alliance News Alert that was sent yesterday with coordinates for seismographic activity did not include a duration of time that the activity is expected to last. After inquiries from folks regarding the how long this activity would last, we felt it necessary to find out this information and pass it along in today’s News Alert. Please see the statement below from Crew 105 Party Manager:

“We will probably have our cables on the bottom until Wednesday, 30 January.  We will be progressing to the west.  We retrieve the gear that is in the box and begin to redeploy 250 meters from our westernmost line.  We will update as we progress with retrieval and deployment of gear.”

Survey Area

Box Corner




029°24.8 088°48.1


029°13.6 088°48.1


029°24.8 088°41.3


029°13.6 088°41.3



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