Representing U.S. Shrimp Fisheries

Through its representatives, members and staff, the SSA participates extensively and aggressively in the Fisheries Management Councils and federal rulemaking processes on behalf of the domestic shrimp industry, serving in roles of public stakeholder and as Council and Advisory Panel appointees.  The SSA has contributed substantial shrimp industry expertise and influence in this process which had previously been dominated by strongly anti-shrimp industry sentiment and politics.

Unlike many other fishery stakeholders, the SSA has taken the progressive approach of working cooperatively and extensively with federal scientists and managers and in coalition with other stakeholders in the development of management measures that achieve stringent statutory conservation requirements for shrimp and bycatch, but which also minimize adverse social and economic impacts on the shrimp fishery.

The SSA also prepares and submits detailed comments on all federal fishery management rulemakings that directly affect the domestic shrimp fisheries including Fishery Management Plan Amendments, Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements, and Proposed and Final Rules and Interim Rules.  When appropriate, the SSA also engages Congressional Members and staff in this process.

A compliment to the SSA’s participation in the federal fishery management process is its participation in the legislative process in the U.S. Congress.

Please read the full text of SSA’s formal comments to fisheries management regulators.

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