CBP Formally Initiates Evasion Investigation of Imports of Shrimp from Minh Phu Seafood

On Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) formally notified MSeafood Corporation, a California-based seafood importer, that the agency had commenced a formal investigation under the Enforce and Protect Act (EAPA) to determine whether the company had evaded the antidumping duty order on certain frozen warmwater shrimp from India through its imports of shrimp into […]

Oceana Advocate Learns About Shrimping

The author of the tumblr blog, “The Institute of Appropriate Priorities” took a sabbatical from a job at Oceana to do a roadtrip to visit America’s busiest ports and to travel abroad. In visiting productive fisheries, he spent a good amount of time learning about the U.S. shrimp industry firsthand. The blog includes a short […]

Commerce Launches Shrimp Investigations, Commission Holds Conference

Washington, DC—The Department of Commerce initiated today antidumping investigations of six countries to determine whether or not shrimp is being dumped into the U.S. market. The trade action, filed on behalf of shrimp harvesters and processors, was found by Commerce to have sufficient industry support and enough evidence of dumping to warrant a full investigation […]