FDA Refusals for Banned Antibiotics in Shrimp Lowest Since October 2013

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released information reporting that, in October, there were 142 seafood entry lines refused entry into the United States, of which only 1 (0.7%) was of shrimp refused for reasons related to banned antibiotics. This was the lowest number of refusals of shrimp for reasons related to banned […]

FDA Adds Two Vietnamese Shrimp Exporters to Import Alert for Antibiotic Contamination

Two Vietnamese shrimp exporters have now been added to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Import Alert regarding aquaculture seafood products contaminated with unapproved drugs (Import Alert 16-124). A previous News Alert Update reported that six shipments of Vietnamese shrimp contaminated with banned antibiotics were refused by FDA in October.  These shipments originated from […]

Why Is the FDA Inspecting So Little Seafood from Vietnam?

After refusing only four entry lines of Vietnamese seafood in September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported refusing thirteen entry lines of Vietnamese seafood in October.  Nine of the thirteen Vietnamese seafood refusals were for entry lines of shrimp; six of these were for the presence of banned veterinary drug residues. The shrimp […]

Why Is the FDA Inspecting So Little Seafood from Vietnam?

The magazine Mother Jones published a short article by Tom Philpott yesterday that asks “Why is the FDA inspecting so little imported seafood?”  The post refers to the recent story by Bloomberg Businessweek on aquaculture conditions in Vietnam and China as well as concerns regarding the continued use of banned antibiotics in foreign aquaculture voiced […]

Know Your Supplier (Continued): Ethoxyquin, Nitrofurans, and Chloramphenicol

In September, the FDA refused 148 shipments of seafood imports.  Seven of these refusals (less than five percent) were of frozen shrimp imports.  Six shipments of shrimp, sent from exporters in Ecuador, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam, were refused for the presence of salmonella.  And one shipment of shrimp from Bangladesh was refused because of nitrofurans […]

Shrimp Industry Lauds Georgia’s Sampling & Testing Program; Requests Greater Vigilance

Today, the Southern Shrimp Alliance and the Georgia Shrimp Association sent a joint letter to the Commissioner of Georgia’s Department of Agriculture in response to a public records release of information relating to the state’s seafood sampling and testing program. The joint letter recognizes the Department’s substantial efforts to ensure the health and safety of […]

Japanese and Canadian Governments: Vietnamese Farmed Seafood Imports Unsafe

The Southern Shrimp Alliance today released the results of the organization’s review of the actions taken by the governments of Japan and Canada to address the continued presence of harmful drug residues in Vietnamese seafood exports. In a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Southern Shrimp Alliance reported that Vietnamese shrimp […]

Developing Standards and Testing

Developing Standards and Testing The SSA is a primary sponsor and partner in efforts by the Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC) International to develop testing methods and standards to identify various harmful contaminants in seafood. Richard Vendetti represented the SSA by serving on the AOAC International’s Stakeholders Panel for Marine and Freshwater Foods.  During a […]