Southern Shrimp Alliance Staying Busy On Offshore Wind Energy Development

SSA capped off a busy few weeks working on the Bureau of Energy Management’s (BOEM) plans to develop offshore wind energy in the Gulf of Mexico when it filed formal written comments on BOEM’s ‘Call for Information and Nominations’ last week. According to SSA Executive Director John Williams: “Although BOEM has told us that […]

Gulf Council Votes to Relax Quotas on Shrimp Fishing

Today, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council took final action on shrimp Amendment 18, allowing shrimpers to increase the amount of fishing allowed under the red snapper rebuilding plan. The Southern Shrimp Alliance advocated for this change for more than two years. The Council was unanimous in its decision. Once again, the Alliance won its […]

New Science on Red Snapper Bycatch

The Southern Shrimp Alliance (SSA) wishes to express its appreciation to the authors of a new scientific paper confirming that the shrimp trawl fishery in the Gulf of Mexico accounts for a negligible fraction of the total mortality of juvenile red snapper. The authors are Dr. Benny Gallaway, Dr. Bill Gazey and Dr. John Cole. […]

NOAA Fisheries Announces the Extension of the Gulf of Mexico Commercial Shrimp Permit Moratorium

Sorry for the late distribution   FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: July 22, 2016 Susan Gehart or 727-824-5305, FAX 727-824-5308 FB16-051     Small Entity Compliance Guide A new rule effective August 22, 2016, will extend the existing commercial shrimp permit moratorium for an additional 10 years, until October 26, 2026. NOAA Fisheries, with the […]

Shrimp AP Takes A Thoughtful Approach To The Future of the Gulf Shrimp Fishery

The Shrimp Advisory Panel (AP) to the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council met in Tampa on March 3, 2016, to provide its advice to the Council on Shrimp Amendment 17-B. The Shrimp AP is comprised of 14 shrimp industry advisors, representatives and participants throughout the Gulf region with a wide range of considerable expertise. […]

GMFMC Public Hearing schedule for Shrimp Amendment 17A

Below are the dates and locations for the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council Public Hearing schedule for Shrimp Amendment 17A. This amendment addresses the continued moratorium on shrimp permits on vessels that fish in the Gulf of Mexico. This amendment will determine if the shrimp industry will renew the current ten year moratorium on […]


Gulf Council Action on Permit Moratorium At its August meeting, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council took some important if not complicated steps forward with Amendment 17 to the Shrimp Fishery Management Plan (FMP).  This Amendment is being developed by the Gulf Council for the purpose of addressing the upcoming October 2016 expiration of […]


At its April meeting in Baton Rouge, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council took action to initiate the development of a scoping document with options to address the expiration of the current shrimp limited entry permit moratorium in 2016. This document will provide the foundation for what will become Amendment 17 to the Gulf […]


In an April 8, 2014, letter to Mr. Douglas Boyd, Chairman of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, newly appointed NMFS Assistant Administrator for Fisheries Eileen Sobeck confirmed two major breakthroughs on the agency’s handling of the ELB program that are a direct consequence of the persistent efforts of the Southern Shrimp Alliance (SSA) […]