Trump Signs Legislation to Permanently Exempt Shrimpers

Last week the Southern Shrimp Alliance reported that both the House and Senate had finally passed legislation (S. 140) to make permanent a temporary legislative exemption for shrimp fishing vessels from an extremely onerous and unnecessary EPA Vessel Incidental Discharge Permit requirement. (Find more background on the permit here.) SSA is very happy to report […]

Offshore Aquaculture

In 2008, the Gulf Council submitted to NOAA a plan that set rules for offshore aquaculture development in the Gulf of Mexico.  The proposal excluded brown, white, pink and royal red shrimp from the list of eligible species for offshore aquaculture because the SSA successfully argued that it would negatively impact U.S. shrimp stocks. Also […]

Influencing Fisheries Management Plans

EXPLORE FURTHER: Red Snapper ManagementBlacknose Shark Management Smalltooth Sawfish Management Bottlenose Dolphin Regulations New Sea Turtle Regulations Loggerhead Turtle Reclassification Artificial Reef Placement Offshore Aquaculture Fisheries Ecosystem Plan In 2008, a Habitat Area of Particular Concern (HAPC) was developed to protect important deepwater coral.   The SSA’s negotiations with the South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council (SAFMC), […]

Shrimp Industry Meets Bycatch Reduction Goals Two Years Early

Tarpon Springs, FL—Scientists announced at the National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s Southeast Bycatch Workshop  that reductions in the U.S. shrimp industry bycatch mortality rate have surpassed the ambitious goals set in the most recent Southeast Data,  Assessment, and Review (SEDAR) red snapper stock assessment. The SEDAR report, which sets forth proposals to manage the […]