ITC Finds Dumping from Thailand and India Still Injure U.S. Shrimpers

Tarpon Springs, FL– The Southern Shrimp Alliance welcomes today’s unanimous determination by the International Trade Commission  (ITC) that the U.S. shrimp industry would continue to be injured by dumped imports of shrimp from India and Thailand if antidumping duties  were removed. The ITC spent ten months investigating the ability of Thai and Indian companies to […]

U.S. Shrimp Industry Disappointed by ITC Decision to Review Antidumping Orders

Tarpon Springs, FL– Today, the International Trade Commission (ITC) self-initiated a “changed circumstances review” to determine whether  imports of dumped shrimp from India and Thailand will continue to injure the U.S. shrimp industry after the impact of the tsunami of  December 26, 2004. The U.S. shrimp industry, which the ITC in January unanimously found to […]