Richard Gutting Commentary

A Trade Alert distributed to subscribers of Urner Barry Foreign Trade Data included a commentary by Richard E. Gutting Jr. addressing the current shrimp trade litigation. Mr. Gutting’s commentary, along with an IntraFish article by John Fiorillo published Thursday, raised the possibility of settlements of the shrimp countervailing duty cases. With Mr. Gutting’s permission, here […]

Settling With BP? Maximize Your Settlement Through Tax Planning

Many individuals and businesses in the domestic shrimp industry have already received settlement funds from BP with respect to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and many others will be receiving funds in the near future.  In order to maximize the benefit you receive from any such settlement, be sure to consult with your accountant or […]

First Administrative Reviews

In the first administrative review, Commerce exercised its discretion to the benefit of foreign companies that operate in multiple countries by ignoring the “multinational corporation provision” for shrimp exporters operating in Vietnam and China. The provision enacted by Congress is designed to prevent companies from shifting production from a country with high duties, like China, […]

Thai Settlement

The SSA remains committed to seeking fair and equitable distributions of antidumping duties to the benefit of the entire industry. Accordingly, the SSA negotiated a proposed settlement with the Thai Frozen Foods Association (TFFA) that would make available a minimum of $100 million in funds for the benefit of the majority of the U.S. shrimp […]

Creating New Markets for U.S. Shrimp

EXPLORE FURTHER: Marketing Programs Seafood Watch List USDA Procurement Program Since 2003, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has spent nearly $155 million procuring seafood products for government programs like the school lunch program.   The USDA’s programs are intended, in part, to assist domestic production of seafood.  However, the single largest beneficiary of the government’s […]

Achieving Equitable Benefits of Trade Relief

EXPLORE FURTHER: Customs Suit Thai Settlement The most pressing question confronted by the SSA with respect to trade issues is: How does this benefit the domestic industry? If trade discipline leads to stable prices at the wholesale level and stable import growth but does not prevent the further serious deterioration of economic conditions for shrimp […]

Review of Shrimp Antidumping Duties Offers Mixed Results

Tarpon Springs, FL— The antidumping duties on shrimp imports dumped into the U.S. market between August 4, 2004 and January 31, 2006 are changing for a number of companies. The Department of Commerce (“Commerce”) announced Thursday the final results of the first “administrative reviews” of antidumping actions against six countries: Brazil, China, Ecuador, India, Thailand […]

SSA Announces New Commitments and Issues Challenges to U.S. Shrimp Industry

Tarpon Springs, FL—The Southern Shrimp Alliance, representing shrimp fishermen and processors from eight states, announced new commitments and issued challenges to U.S. shrimp processors and the Louisiana Shrimp Association as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance the U.S. shrimp industry. Future Settlement Monies The SSA Executive Committee adopted a resolution regarding the use of […]

Shrimp Industry Poised to Lose Millions of Dollars in Relief

Southern Shrimp Alliance Calls Efforts by Louisiana Shrimp Association Disastrous NEW ORLEANS (April 24, 2007) – The Board of Directors of the Southern Shrimp Alliance (“SSA”) has called for the immediate withdrawal by the Louisiana Shrimp Association (“LSA”) of its request to the U.S. Department of Commerce for administrative reviews on hundreds of foreign companies […]

Southern Shrimp Alliance Welcomes Preliminary Results of First Administrative Review, Proceeds with Second Administrative Review

Tarpon Springs, FL– The Southern Shrimp Alliance (SSA) recently withdrew its requests for investigations of 410 different shrimp exporters in the second administrative review of the antidumping orders on frozen warmwater shrimp from Brazil, China, Ecuador, India, Thailand, and Vietnam. The action was in response to the favorable preliminary results for the first administrative review […]