SSA Welcomes Enforcement of Turtle Excluder Device Laws

Today, NOAA’s Office of General Counsel for Enforcement and Litigation assessed civil penalties to the owners and operators of eighteen shrimp trawlers for allegedly altering or not having turtle excluder devices (TEDs) on their vessels. The Southern Shrimp Alliance applauds the enforcement of laws designed to protect sea turtles. “Deliberately altering or refusing to use […]

Press Release on NOAA’s Denial of ENGO Petitions

Contact: Deborah Long,  804.360.0074   NOAA Denies Petitions to Restrict Shrimping Due to Unexplained Sea Turtle Deaths   Tarpon Springs, FL—The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has denied three separate petitions that would have immediately shutdown the U.S. shrimp industry due to a large number of unexplained sea turtle deaths in the Gulf of Mexico.  […]

NMFS Denies Oceana petition, SSA Comments on Scoping Documents

NOAA Denies Oceana Petition On August 3rd, NOAA denied the final of three separate petitions from environmental groups that sought emergency closures or restrictions of shrimp fishing due to a large number of unexplained sea turtle deaths in the Gulf of Mexico. The strong actions of the agency are a huge victory for the shrimp […]

NOAA Denies Oceana Petition

“In summary, because we have substantially accomplished or begun actions requested in your petition and determined that emergency or interim measures or regulations are not warranted at this time, we are denying your petition.” – 8-3-11 NOAA denial of Oceana Petition “While the June 2010 spike in Mississippi sea turtle strandings correlated strongly with the […]

Commentary on Sea Turtles

Go to Oceana’s web-site and you’ll see this ( Save Turtles From Dying Shrimp nets are drowning turtles, but they don’t have to. Dead sea turtles are washing up on Gulf shores by the hundreds. More are falling uncounted onto the ocean floor. They are victims of drowning, caught in shrimp nets and unable to […]

Sea Turtle Update

Today SSA met with Assistant Secretary of Commerce Dr. Larry Robinson, Assistant Administrator for Fisheries Eric Schwaab, NMFS Southeast Regional Administrator Roy Crabtree and several other NOAA fisheries officials as part of its comprehensive effort to defend the shrimp fishery against efforts by environmental groups to shut down the fishery due to turtle strandings. This […]

Message Regarding TED Manufacturers

As part of Southern Shrimp Alliance’s commitment to improve compliance with TED requirements in the shrimp trawl fishery, please be advised that it is not a valid defense against prosecution for a TED violation to claim that the TED you purchased from a TED manufacturer (net shop) was illegal when you bought it. This is […]

Shrimpers Address Turtle Excluder Device Compliance Problem

Tarpon Springs, FL– The Southern Shrimp Alliance, a trade association representing the U.S. shrimp fishery, launched a campaign this week directed at restoring full industry compliance with crucial laws regarding the use of turtle excluder devices (TEDs) in fishing nets.  The goal of the campaign, directed at shrimp fishermen throughout the Gulf and South Atlantic […]

Influencing Fisheries Management Plans

EXPLORE FURTHER: Red Snapper ManagementBlacknose Shark Management Smalltooth Sawfish Management Bottlenose Dolphin Regulations New Sea Turtle Regulations Loggerhead Turtle Reclassification Artificial Reef Placement Offshore Aquaculture Fisheries Ecosystem Plan In 2008, a Habitat Area of Particular Concern (HAPC) was developed to protect important deepwater coral.   The SSA’s negotiations with the South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council (SAFMC), […]